Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DicE Issue 49!

…‘Are you lonely and looking for love? Do you feel tired just thinking about the concept of working for more than an hour? Would you rather kick the dog upside down than take it for a walk? Me too! I saw on telly it might be something called 'Crohns Disease' and I'm a little worried. My Aunty Nora said there is no such thing and I'm just a lazy git. Anyways, issue 49 is here and it's only comparable to some NC BBQ sandwich with slaw on top and hush puppies on the side...Oooh and some fried okra. Did you see the cover? Mental right?! Gen from Love Ear Art in Japan just twisted our melons super hard and did us super proud.

Not only that...but inside this very issue you also get the superb 'Godspeed' insert by our bruv, Cicero De Guzman! Yes, 2 magazines for the price of 1! now you actually have a reason to kick that dog upside down and get to reading the new issue of DicE! Oof!

The thing about Panheads is that everyone has one. You can’t go more than 2 blocks these days without some dodgy geezer trying to flog you one for cheap! I say we should just clean the streets up and get rid of the lot of em. Wait, did I say Panheads? Sorry, I meant Gypos… Frankino in Italy kills it again with another 60's Outlaw style bike.

  We've had a few emails from girls who want to see some more sexy man meat in DicE. Say no more love...Jake Hobbs from Bolts Action is just that guy!
Photo: Jeremy Jones.

  If I had to describe Mike's Triumph in an Irish accent, it would be; “Dis boike is rapid! Oi really love de paint scheme! Luk 'oy close so'tiz ter de groun'?!”.
Photo: Daniel Rivas-Euan.

  Oliver is from Baltimore and he built this wicked generator shovel in a VL frame. We were lucky enough to have Magic Ken shoot it literally 5 minutes before it had to go in the container to be with its new owner in Japan.
Photo: Magic Ken.

Have you ever heard the song 'Simple Man’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd? If you haven’t…then you haven’t lived.… Dimitri Coste blew our tiny little minds with his double trouble article!
Photo: Dimitri Coste.

We've had a few emails from guys who want to see some more sexy ladies in DicE. Say no more love...Anna Porter is that lady!
Photo: Andy Porter.

Go Takimine is the man that created a worldwide phenomenon when he opened his shop Brat Style in Japan. He is super humble and won't admit that he is responsible for creating a whole new sub culture and style of motorcycle... even though when people list 'Brat Style' bikes on craigslist, they look nothing like a 'Brat Style' bike. Whatever, Go's personal bike is this super cool Panhead and we shot it on our last trip to Tokyo!

  Who likes riding put their hand up? Sean Duggan aka Papa Chun LOVES riding and he recently rode his JD Harley across country on the Cannonball. He's also extremely handsome and has great style. Just saying.
Photo: Michael Schmidt.

Paul Morris proves you don't need to rob a bank to build a bike with style and have maximum fun doing it. His CB400 is the tits.
Photo: Larry Niehues.

Nicke Svensson does it again with an amazing 5 page article on a genuine Knucklehead survivor Chopper! This bike is absolutely perfect!!
Photo: Nicke Svensson.

Brandon. Mullins Chain Drive. Fine line between genius and insanity. He hovers between both and uses his genius to make insane things!

Our friend Kiyo couldn't believe his luck when he went to a swap meet last year and watched an old boy wheel this Vincent Black Shadow into the 'bikes for sale' section. A deal was struck on the non running bike and within a day Kiyo had rebuilt the carbs, fitted a new battery and was doing hot laps around the block. Photo: Michael Schmidt.

The thing with getting hot chicks to like you, is that you have to be way cool. When people ask me, “How do you do it?” I just tell them “Chill out dude, it’s not just one thing, but a combination of really cool stuff.” If you know the combination please email me what it is. I know what it is, I just want to make sure that you know what it is. So whatever.
Roadside Marty's Knucklehead.
Photo: Benji Laney.

The thing about Sportsters is that everyone has one. You can’t go more than 2 blocks these days without some dodgy geezer trying to flog you one for cheap! I say we should just clean the streets up and get rid of the lot of em. Wait, did I say Sportsters? Sorry, I meant Knuckleheads…
Tammy's Sportster is wicked and she looks awesome riding it.
Photo: Magic Ken.

The 'Shovel' cylinder head represented an offshoot of the Panhead design it replaced in 1966 but featured a slightly different look. The name was derived from the appearance of the rocker box covers. Because these covers bring to mind the head of coal shovels when inverted, the name Shovelhead was a natural progression. The Shovel engines powered Harleys up until the introduction of the Evolution engine in 1984, ending the reign of the 'Shovelhead' as enthusiasts frequently call these engines.
Thanks Wikipedia!
Photo: Ely Phillips.

Dr. Glory is kind of like a method actor. He doesn’t see the point of prescribing people drugs without testing them out first to make sure they do exactly what they say on the label. Today he had to prescribe something called Shabu. Here are his findings.
        1       Produces anxiety, irritability, irrational behavior, talkativeness and loss of self-control.
        2       Results in loss of appetite and inability to sleep.
        3       Can lead to acute psychotic reactions, violent and destructive behavior and recklessness that may result in accidents.

Get your copy right H E R E !!!!!!!! 
or come in and pick one up from Tri Co obvs.

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  1. Roadside Marty IS KungFu Panda!!!


    PS1: IS Dr.Glory, Matt's brother?
    or maybe he's related to that guy from the "muthbusters" tv show?

    PS2: "...forget your lust, for the rich man's gold,
    all that you need, is in your soul..."