Friday, November 9, 2012

Global Empire?

"Hi Matt,
Took this photo in down town Hurghada, Egypt proving that you (or Dr Glory) are up for world domination no matter what your names on! And it was hot and I was bored …
Anyway, Dice is always the best thing through the post next to money, bike parts, charity sacks with a free pen etc. so I’ll re-new my sub soon.
All the best from a cold, wet West Sussex and err Fight the Power!!!!
Ed Sturge  
PS. Second picture is my FXR outside the Diner a mate built in his back garden, he built it all including restoring the juke box’s, clever b#gger!"

Thanks Ed, I of course only wear Dice underwear.

1 comment:

  1. How freakin cool is that backyard caper ??? If you gotta wear smalls, ler em be Dice brand, tougher than skidmarks . . .