Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chongo Gets All Panned Up

"Alright, pay attention you homo's
Check out this bad boy, the Carlos Pandango SE.
Unfortunately there are a few parts missing, someone has robbed the second set of spots and there is obviously more room for marker lights at the back once I've found some suitcases big enough to carry my vintage apparel with me. Plenty of room for me and the "Ol Lady" (christ I hope she doesn't reed this) and the crowning glory, bar riser mounted cigar lighter, cue Air on G string.
Your ever loving"
Magnificent Chongo

Dust off the Burns Bison Chris. We have a lot of rehersing to do before September. I mean, I can't even remember any of the songs.


  1. Makes me realise:

    1) How great buddy seats look (I may have to acquire one), and

    2) How many great heckles I have to prepare before September.