Thursday, April 28, 2011


So quite a lot of people have said to us
"You two travel all over and have parties, how can you afford to do that?"
"I bought a T shirt off your website last week so that you guys can travel all over and have a good time"
"Who the hell is Dr Glory?"

Let me try and explain how it all works, it's actually quite simple. We pick a city, or a reader will suggest one for us. We then get a reader/friend who lives there to find us a venue. Usually a bar. Normally we get the place for free because the amount of drinks they sell on that one night pays their bills for months to come. Then there's organising bands, djs, PA,s etc. whose services are usually donated free also. We book our flights and hotel and ship all the mags out by post. Me and Dean pack a large suitcase each with as much Dice merch as we can fit keeping them under 50lbs in weight. We fly in and set up a booth at the party. 9 times out of 10 we can earn just enough wonga on the booth to cover the costs of the flights and hopefully some of the hotel bill too. Some cities are more expensive to visit than others but at the end of the year when we work it all out we usually break even or are only out of pocket by a small amount.
So there you have it, jobs a good'un.
The whole point of these parties from the very beginning was to come to a town and meet all the friends we have made through the magazine but have only spoken to via email. And to get like minded people together who may have never met but live in the same part of the country. And get to look at some great bikes. And to have a fantastic time. All this whole worldwide motorcycle thing that is going on these days really sort of feels like one big family to us. Of course it is good publicity for Dice, however that is, and never was, our main agenda. See you at the next one.
p.s. Dr Glory is an idiot


  1. Don't believe him...Matt and dean both have 10 room mansions with tiny giraffes on treadmills.

  2. saw through it...
    Actually the giraffes have upgraded and each have their own bowflex now.

  3. You shut your filthy, dirty hooker pirate mouth.. I love reading Dr. Glory.. I say good day sir.