Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paladin's Notebook

Iron Horse. December 1980


  1. Thank you for posting this piece of history. I know Paladin in the early to mid 80's in Berkeley, California. A more talented person you'd be hard to find. He could quote specs of any motorcycle built, recite motorcycle history from memory, was a good artist, poet and writer. His command of the English language was unparalelled. I never knew him to say a thing unless he'd already done his homework. Once I complimented him on this, and he told me the following: "John, if I lie to you, I'm jerking you off for your time. More importantly, I'm jerking myself off for my time. And, frankly, nobody's worth all that."

    Rest in Peace, Bro.

  2. I wrote a bit about Paladin, who was a friend, back in 2009; more info/memories of the man emerge over time, as does his poetry.