Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on the road again wearing different clothes again

Yes, its good to be riding my bike again, its been far to long. This was Sunday morning on the way to the Long Beach swapmeet. We all went out the night before to see the Black Tibetans at the Redwood bar, big mistake. 2 hours sleep then 30 minutes of trying to start the shovel, I kicked and kicked till I vommed....nice. I really need to get some new plugs or something.


  1. Looks Good Matt. Did you extend your front end at all? sorts looks like a diff stance... more raked or something..

  2. While you were looking elsewhere, I stuck my peepee in the tailpipe (both of em)... just to show how much I love this bike.

  3. gotta hate hung over hard starts. brain squishing all around in the noggin and what not.