Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Works Calendar

For that extra sauce on your Turkey, that extra pop of your cork, buy the best holiday gift a man, woman or animal could receive!
All those hunky blokes of Works Engineering, Brooklyn, New York, stripped off, greased up and smiled for the camera to bring you the first ever, all male Works Engineering 2010 Calendar!
All profits from sales go to Juliet Dostalek, a friend and member of the Brooklyn community, who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident earlier this year.
If you want one email Naomi at


  1. At this point we were done with the shoot, the photographer, Ester, had me out on N14th sprawled on my bobber with not more than a smile and pudding bowl to cover things up. The boys across the street were highly amused. Ester saw that the mirror was strategically placed and told me to flash her, you can probably see the look of horror on the face of the dyna leather boy in the mirror reflection, who rolled up at this exact time, when he saw El Ray in his full dangling glory he left a burning strip of rubber a block long trying to get away.