Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things we wish we hadn't sold: # 1

'66 Coronet, I owned this a for little while a few years back, did a load of work on it too. A lot of lost evenings and weekends either under it or in it, but in the end the motor was knackered. I didn't have any money to get it rebuilt or replaced so the Dodge had to go. I cry myself to sleep most nights.


  1. That's IT? One car? Of all the hot rods and not so hot rods and choppers and street bikes and my beloved Desert racing Husky, My only regret, over four decades and about 35 bikes, is that I sold my Triumph 650 Tiger- loved that bike and the single carb. And maybe my '68 Mustang GT fastback but if I had kept the car all these years (since 72) it just would have been too high school to hang on to it for about the first 20 years maybe, but now, maybe I wish I had it. Kinda miss the Volvo 244.

  2. no no no, there are lot more to add to the list, this is just # 1. wait til you see the lace painted 55 chevy gasser/street racer I sold , I'm the biggest mug in the world. Or am I? you sold a 650 Tiger? bad move bruv

  3. I know the car. It is in goog hands. It will get a 383 engine.