Monday, August 23, 2010

W&W Dual Cam Front Brake

The aftermarket stock front brake on my panhead is complete crap, I mean really crap. I then remembered that back in Europe many years ago a mate was running a Dual Cam replacement from W&W . He loved it. Anyways, they sent me one from Germany and it is a thing of rare beauty I have to say, available in black or chrome. It comes with these really chunky cast iron brake shoes. It's an easy swop out with the stock brake. Here is how we did it.

Rather sexy



The old crap brake. Wafer thin shoes

Big Scott Stopnik gave me the right size allen key at the last Long Beach swapmeet, what a gent.

Ah yes, now where would we be without Loctite eh?

Crows feet

New drum.

Always wear the correct safety equipment.


Lovely. And blimey, it really works!
Thank you Gustav & Nobbi!!


  1. More of this Matt. Great post! See you Sunday.

  2. Harley with Triumph brake power !
    Must be something .

  3. What? They re-designed the Dual-Cam brake???
    It used to operate both shoes from both cams...
    The other thing Matt was the shoes used to be lined with shit hard material, maybe these new type are okay but it was always worth getting them re-lined with a regular lining before you even fitted them. The old ones were made in Poland and used something that looked like a cross between concrete and tarmac!

  4. Do you have a website for W&W, can't seem to find them.- Thanks - Rich

  5. I ran the same W&W brake on my old Pan and they are good. But Matt, your Pan's brakes weren't that bad... now mine, they really ARE shite.

  6. i want 2 of them! both of my bike dont stop worth a rats ass!

  7. Matt--Let me get that old brake, man. Stopping isn't a big priority for me.