Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LeBeef Kustom Metal Works

We are very proud to announce that DicE is now an official stockist of LeBeef Kustom Metal Works parts that are all beautifully hand made in Sweden.
Mattias 'LeBeef' Anderson is an extremely talented fabricator and he also has great style so now you lucky lucky people can have a little piece of that on your very own motorcycle at a super reasonable price!

Springer headlight bracket. Fits OEM and reproductions of Big Twin and 45's 1936-49 Springer forks. Bolts on to the lower shock mount. Choose between chrome finish at $60.00 or raw for $50.00.

Shifter lever for HD Big Twin 4-Speed transmission in 2 models, Ratchet top (1952-early79) and Jockey top (1936-51) both priced at $90.00.

Seat spring mounts. Bolt-on type are Stainless steel at $60.00 and requires drilled 5/16 (8mm) holes for mounting. Weld-on type are $30.00 and come in regular steel and need to be painted.

The narrow seat pan that is 12 1/2″ x 8″ at $80.00

The wide seat pan that is 12 3/4″ x 10″ at $90.00

These prices do not include shipping. For any of these parts please email: and we will send you a paypal request. Please remember to specify which part and which finish.


  1. And you have not seen his handlebars! are perfect

  2. Yes and his sissy bars are incredible too!!!