Thursday, August 5, 2010


Me, I like all kinds of music, mainly 'cos of what I was subject to growing up in Ladbroke Grove, London in the 70's and 80's. A good place to be a teenager at that time. The birth place of UK punk and a huge Reggae and Jazz Funk scene too. Anyway, I loved it all. Which brings me neatly round to Hip Hop, there was a time when it felt so fresh and really experimental, it was going in all sorts of exciting directions. Alas, look what it has turned into today. This is without doubt my favourite tune from back then, from my fav Hip Hop band. Word.

"Shorty let me tell ya about my only vise, it has to do with lots of lovin' and it aint nuthin' nice"


  1. A Great group..TCQ was as & is some real hiphop music..the music has been dumbed down to make sure the sheep stay asleep and so the bloodsuckers of the poor can use hiphop ideals to keep getting rich. By the way I Dig DicE Mag. great Joint right there.
    Kballah aka Oootoko

  2. jazz... we got it.

    thats the jam.

  3. NICE! I am a hip hop dood, and that was good to hear today. Try this on your ears, the DL is and it is some of the freshest from the nor' westest.

  4. saw a mind-bending show once with tribe and dela soul and the alkoholiks. the alkoholiks opened and came out and sprayed the first 5 or 6 rows with 22's of beer. all the dressed fresh dudes were ready to shoot someone. lord finesse came out and freestyled with tribe and de la. amazing times.

  5. don't slag the Gangstarr or the Digable Planets