Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riding Bitch.

When we left Matt's house to ride up north for his birthday bash a couple of weeks back I noticed I had a little friend living in my diamond foot peg. She was upside down and I could make out a bright red hour glass pattern on her jet black abdomen. After 250 miles of twisty roads, 10 miles of bumpy dirt track and 2 creek crossings she was still riding 2 up with me! What a woman! She hung out all day Saturday too. Not sure where she went after that but as I was riding back I suddenly realized she could be under my seat and ready to bite my knackers at any second.
I was honored when Jimmy Monk took me with open arms into The Family.


  1. YIPES!!!!! If you ever want to take some scorpions for a ride let me know. I'll send ya some.