Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nor Cal Ride

Caleb had this great idea, he had to drop the Boardtrack Sporty off at Pebble Beach. So he calls me and says why don't we ride from there to Gabe's Philo Beddoe chopper party just north of Sac? Bloody right mate, was my reply. Anyway, we packed the bikes with the usual tent/sleeping bag ensemble and hit the PCH, we went the long way round, all the way up the coast, over the Golden Gate bridge then blatted into Napa, Sonoma and the wine country on yet more killer roads. Only hitting the crap 80 freeway for the last 40 miles or so. Well as you can imagine it was fantastic, lots of smiles and heart wrenching scenery. There was 4 of us, Caleb and I, JD and Joey and we didn't have a single breakdown the whole weekend, which was nice. We rolled into the campground at around tea time. But more on the Philo event later. The ride back was just as amazing, a different route this time following the Sacramento river through Delta country. My only complaint was that it was all over way too quickly. After weeks and weeks staring at a computer screen and the backs of peoples heads in the line at the post office this was the perfect 700 mile'ish tonic. It really doesn't get any better. So, um, go for a ride then.

Caleb shot the riding pics p.s.


  1. I'm jealous.

    What are you doing on my bike?

  2. Mmmmm, Crawdads!
    Good seeing ya guys up there.
    So when ya gonna move to So Cal Guy?