Monday, August 2, 2010

Spring Road Trip To Denver

I did this road trip in a pickup truck with my shovelhead and all the Dice booth stuff in the back. I was Jonesing so bad to ride my bike, in fact the best road I have ever driven down in my life was on this trip, you got to do it, on a bike it would be brilliant. The 141 in Colorado from Dove Creek to where it joins the 50, amazing scenery, just beautiful. 170 miles of bliss. I drove on the freeway from LA to Flagstaff then hit the back country for the rest of the trip. What a great time. Y'know the US of A really is a jaw droppingly huge, stunning country. Denver is a killer city too and everyone I met there was super friendly and a lot of fun to hang with, even if some of the blokes were from Texas. Sean, Mike, Jeff, Jason and Bodee, love you guys.


  1. beautiful country indeed!

    shame a bunch of assholes on capitol hill are fuckin it up!

  2. I agree, We did that ride from Alabama to Long Beach and some of those photos are familiar.

  3. If ya ever need help one one of these trecks let me know! Beilliant Pix! Oh, now ya guys have me saying Brilliant again.... Hahaha!