Monday, August 23, 2010

Cartier Ring.

I know it was made for chicks...but I still want one.


  1. I got two with the collectors edition crystal vase and velvet satchel.

  2. I'm about to order a ring right now and I need to know what size and what finger it should be on? Am I supposed to measure the same finger it should be on and how do I measure my fingers?
    - Thanx in advice

  3. Mr B Harlow, I believe you will need more than all of that to settle our bet that is still on to this day. NY is coming up sir and you need to prepare for it.

    Rigid Hips Stockholm, first you will need to measure your own head and divide that figure by roughly 3.141593 (Pi). Then multiply the amount of 6 trains leaving a station at 6.13am by 3.3 recurring. What time does the train reach your fingers? Your welcome.


  4. that bet was in the bag man, the Brooklyn ferris wheel failed. do over.