Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More August 14

Speaking of my birthday, which I was, but wasn't going to anymore, but I am now. Take a look at what arrived in the post today!! Guy (GKM), it's fantastic mate, words are not enough. Thank you so much my brother.

I won't tell you what it says on the other side 'cos that would give away my age. In fact I have two, one that I tell girls when I'm out in Hollywood or some such place (to this day I'm still not sure if any of them believe me) and one that my mum know's about.


  1. Happy birthday know it's a serious victory when you're reaching birthday milestones and you get a trophy!

  2. 3 words: Just-For-Men, or as I like to call it, the codger's friend. Happy Birthday!

  3. yeah,happy birthday Matt yer a sound geezer! Travis

  4. Matt, our man love is sacred and I just wish I was going to be there in the Californian sun on the 14th to share some with you.

    Have a blast... I know you will.