Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fate. Late. Mate.

I was taking the wheel off my Panhead after my blowout extravaganza on the 101 freeway coming back from Matt and Caleb's birthday shindig and I while I was waiting for the tube to be replaced I stared at my chromed and drilled rear brake and slid off into a dream like train of thought. I realized that this brake is a big deal to me and held lots of personal history. The first time I had ever seen it was when I was shooting Scott Craig's 'Scallywag' 6 years ago for DicE issue 3. From that very day I wanted a 1957 Panhead even if it was half as cool as that bike. I had never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would eventually be running my own with some of the parts from that very bike! Oh and what can I say about the Tony Nancy seat that was on the same bike too...not much...weird, my eyeballs are a little sweaty for some no, Ill be fine don't worry about me...I just have some dust in my eyes...bikers don't cry...I have to go.
ps. I really like the fact that I have to jack the bike up a ridiculous amount to make it level because of my 6 over 33.4mm.
Even then the front wheel is still on the floor!

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