Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello my name is Dean and I am one half of DicE. I am a Pisces which is weird because I don't like swimming or going in the sea, but that may only be because I have very pale chicken legs and I get edgy when people look at them. I sometimes exaggerate stuff including stories that I am told by other people and also if I hurt myself I freak out a lot and I think I'm going to die all the time. My favourite flavour of ice cream is vanilla. I recently had a hair cut and now I don't like it when people stand behind me and look at my neck. I have a bike which is quite nice and I spend more time worrying about riding it than actually riding it. lets be friends!

Hi, my name is Matt, I'm the other half. I'm a Leo, yeah, can't you tell? I would like world peace and my own Lear jet. I like slow motorbikes and fast women, or is that fast motorbikes and slow women, Ohhh, I just don't know, so whatever. I like Banoffee pie, yes, that's banana and toffee in a pie, it's very nice. If I was president of the worlds I would make everyone ride a motorbike. I recently had a haircut too, I don't have much to say about that. This is me getting to know you, getting to know you better.

Hey, I'm Mills & Boon and I'm Aquarius. I drink lots of tea (with milk) and whiskey, although not always in the same cup. I do all the work they don't want to do, so...


  1. Class! Lets all welcome Matt and Dean. This is the first step to accepting your love for Midget Amputeed Milfs. Lets all take our clothes off and get started.

  2. You guys are just lovely. Really. If I were in prison and you were my bunk-mate, I'd... well... let's just leave it at that.

  3. Always found a splash of Mexican vanilla is the missing link between white tea whole milk and feckin whiskey

  4. Dean I never liked looking at the back of your neck!

  5. I'm going to make a small edit to this post...
    "Hi, I'm Mills & Boon, I do all the work. Dean and Matt just party and ride motorbikes."

    A little more accurate I think. :)

    xo guys

  6. When I saw your vAn I knew it was love at first sight. Thanks for making competition with my vAn mags. Keep on Truckin