Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pablo's Norton

"hey matt
this is my 48 model 18 which i ride the shit out of every day of the week
its nearly all original and worn out and thats what i love about the damn thing
looks like shit but rides like a million bucks"
Pablo Franco. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

A few weeks back 2 Argentinian blokes, Pablo and Federico, came to visit, they are two of the nicest people, we hit it off straight away and are now firm friends. I've been wanting to go to Buenos Aires for many years but it always seemed like it would be a bit of a mission. Not now however, the boys are going to hook me up, I'm well excited. Just got to save up the air fare and jobs a good'un.


  1. thats the shit right there...hey pablo...that era of norton singles is my favourite..they are so totally reliable...

    ...dont you think though it rides like shit but looks a million bucks?....either way...nortons forever....

  2. nortons rule!!
    you can feel the racing pedigree when you ride one
    i insist, it rides like a million bucks, jajaja

  3. That bike doesn't look like shit, it's amazing.

  4. buenos aires is the best city in the world... i'm going for my 8th time in December. it's a rock n' roll hoochie koo kinda place.