Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping It Real.

I had to buy some new deodorant the other day and couldn't really decide on what was best. After scoping a few rows I stopped at the one I knew I was taking home. Seeing as I grew up in Mitcham and my original roots are firmly planted there it had to be this one. Ok it's not spelt the same but whatever, I'm a Pollards Hill Rude Boy for life. Cherass Clart Mon!


  1. My wife and I use this stuff from Lush that is really good. Takes the body a few days to get used to it but the wait is worth it.

  2. Mitchum makes a great product. You can't avoid the aluminum if you want the anti-perspire-ant, but I've used this stuff for years- it goes on and doesn't leave the chalk marks on the black shirt after donning said shirt.

  3. Its also named at after one of the most bad ass mutha fuckers that ever walked the Earth. Robert Mitchum! Check out Night Of The Hunter

  4. Lush does some killer stuff. As a seasoned biker I have bought some of their bath bombs before, and they worked mega wicked. Thanks for the deodorant tips my friends. next week, Shampoo.
    Ps. Yes Robert was a legend.
    Dean xxx