Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Jam - Slow Down Live

Yes, this is the Jam live at the Electric Circus in '77. I went and saw them at around the same time at a Pub in London's West Ken called the Nashville. We had to bunk in the side door because of being underage and skint. In fact the bouncer snuck down the back, opened the door for us and charged us all a pound, sorted. The money went straight in his pocket. The Jam were brilliant, not a little unlike the youtube clip. It was hot, sweaty and angry inside and I loved every second. I have never forgotten that gig, it's burned into my memory banks. It really was an amazing time to be a teenager in London.


  1. I always loved this group and the way they sound, I envy you very much for the concert you've seen!

  2. Matt, all the older punks I knew looked down on the Jam as 'not a real punk band'... preferring the Damned, Adverts etc. I regret never seeing 'em live. And they sound fresher now than all those other bands...

  3. I saw them at the Kent University sports hall about '79 ... Like Guy says ... Never really thought of as a 'cred' punk band ... But live they were incredible ... Saw Weller again a few years ago ... Good, but no where near as intense as The Jam ... Heady days for sure.

  4. Yeah the Tory Punks !! back in the Day while me and me mates were snakebiting our livers to death while holding up the bar at Flanagans
    in Putney, The Jam rolled in to play they were pretty good live , that must of been 77 or 78, then they got big , we all went north of the river to finsbury a couple years later to watch um at the Rainbow !! thanks for time warping me again Dean.