Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Issue 34!

...Say What??!!
Frankie says relax, DicE says relax, even my Mum says relax sometimes when I get really grumpy and don't get my own way and I'm not allowed to go out with my mates or whatever.
There is too much drama these days people so you need to just deal with it and shut the fudge up, go frick yourself and flip off!!
Inside issue 34 there is lots of sexyness...extremley good looking men...and...really really good stuff ok?
We have bikes from Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia and all over the USA...California, Boston, New York, Utah and Texas!!...
All Subscribers get a FREE 'Winged Wonder' sticker!! So never mind the bollocks and...SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. wtf


    i was about to say..
    "it's ok dice... cycho was probably kidding..."

    but then i read the intro of this post!


    u were kidding there...right???

    otherwise... all that blablabla seems a lil too arrogating!!

    and i thought that dice was cool... smooth...easy...ooooooooooh!

    life is so full of surprizes all the time!!

    take care boyz