Tuesday, March 1, 2011

London Chopper.

Back in London during the early 2000's there wasn't that many wild-raked out-narrow-lane splitting-Choppers being ridden about. Come to think of it...it's a rare sight even now! Renshaw really blew everyone away when he shipped over his Chica built Chopper to Blighty and then proceeded to ride it at death defying speeds through the narrow English streets. Invader mags, Extended Springer, Z-Bars, Candy flake paint and more...all courtesy of Chica, Johnny Chop and Nelson...
We featured it in DicE issue 15. You will have to find it on eBay unless you have that issue already!


  1. Love that bike - have that issue too! I remember reading somewhere that Renshaw laid it down, but it had little damage. Beautiful chop...

  2. Cool Bike, Something to do with a diamond if I remember?

  3. Dean - your bike this summer!!!!

  4. What???!!!
    Holy Bejasus!!
    I'm gonna start working out...so I'm man enough to ride it...I'm buying a George Foreman grille...wait...thats not right...is it?