Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Hate You.

This little bastard lives in a tree right by Matts house. He is a right little toss pot. For some reason everyone loves him and his stupid buck teeth except me. Look at his face in the second pic...smarmy little git. Why don't you piss of and play with your nuts in the middle of the road and die.


  1. Haha, those photos are the best! DicE meets National Geographic

  2. I remember this fellow!
    Dean told him to piss off!
    But don't you see,you have a real pet like nobody else...Let him Be there Dean I think Matt want's him hanging around..Or?


  3. We have the same issue here in the states man. Don't put up with his smarmy ass. You chase him back up the tree and let him know who's boss. His little pea brain thinks he owns the joint. Jerk.

  4. Right on Joel...Fuck those guys.
    Bikers Against Bastard Squirrels MC?
    Are you in or what?

  5. i love the anger! Dean, you gotta use more of that tone towards other animals or people in general, its hilarious!

  6. Pascal is going to smack you when he see's you. He say's squirrels are way better than penguins.

  7. in france we eat them for special occasions (christmas, easter...).... at deadlicious we cook a squirel pie.....try it !

  8. my auntie Gin was convinced the squirrel was her dead husband.
    it used to give her loads outside the kitchen window.
    so she poisoned it.

  9. Might be the same one...come back from the grave...I swear it me the wanker sign yesterday outside the front room window.