Sunday, March 20, 2011

Issue 37.

Issue 37 is upon us and it is magnificent to say the least!! It has bikes. It has ninjas. It has lions and tigers and bears. oh my!

The cover was drawn by Stan Gunn. In my phone I have him as 'Stan Dan Pan'. That's because I know him through Dan Collins and he also purchased Dan's old Panhead...hence...'Stan Dan Pan'. Yep. Genius.

Inside this issue you will also find the ever amazing ‘6-Over’ magazine insert too!!!

Don't be left out in the a torch!

Jason Webber: "I am a chain belt in Kung Fu, Bruce Lee was my teacher. This is the 'quart of blood' technique. Do it, a quart of blood drops out of a body."
Michael Schmidt: "Tell him how you beat on the cop."
Jason Webber: "Cops, (s) plural. I beat the shit out of ten cops and had to change my whole strategy around."
Dean: "But when they brought you in and booked you, you was crying like a pussy."
Matt: "Yeah."
Jason Webber: "The cops threw tear gas in my face. I still walked in like a man, so get outta my face."
Dean: "You beat up on a man and put him in hospital, so how come I don't see any marks on you?"
Matt: "Yeah."
Jason Webber: "Cos I'm a karate man! Karate men bruise on the inside! They don't show their weaknesses. You don't know that, motherfucker? Now get off my back, all right. I wish my bitches would hurry up. I ain't got time to be here."
Dean: "Where is your bitches, Mr Big Time Pimp?"
Matt: "Yeah."
Jason Webber: "Didn't I tell you, the phone in my limousine is busted and I can't get in contact with my bitches."
Michael Schmidt: "Yeah, the phone in the limo had busted. Are you, ignorant?"
Jason Webber: "Look, sit down, all right."
Dean: "It ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving."
Matt: "Yeah."
Pic: Michael Schmidt

We first saw Rene's Triumph at the Bottrop show last year, we knew right away that we had to have it on these here pages to show you lovely, lovely people. A couple of hand shakes, 4 'hows your fathers' and 9 hail marys...and...boom, here it is! Pic: Limpe Iven.

As everyone in the world knows, Japan is facing an extremely rough time right now, we would like to send our love and we are all staying positive and hope for the best. Sin Takizawas race Knucklehead was built by the super talented craftsmen at 'Hot Dock' and it is incredible!

I met my good friend Johnny Cocaine for the first time 8 years ago in Austin Texas at the Lonestar Roundup. His bike, 'The Black Snowflake' was talked about that first time we met. Not because he was building it back then, but because he told me that one day he would build a bike and have it in DicE. Johnny, we are honored, thank you!!

It's kind of a long bike I suppose...frontend is a bit short though for my liking. I like more of a stretch in the frame too...what is that...stock?! Indian Larry & Evil Spirit combine skills and build this! it's ments mate.

WKITHOK. Paul Cox. Brooklyn. 'Nuff said geez.
Pic: Bryan Helm.

I've said it before, I know, but if you wannabe tough and cool you need an affliction shirt, jewellery and good hair bro. Fo real. Look at Chris Angel Mind Freak! He is at the top of the list when it comes to freaking a persons mind. Fact! I watched one episode where he introduced his make up woman that has been with him for over 16 years! My mind turned to dust and was freaked harder than it's ever been freaked before!
Pic: Brandon Anderson.

Speaking of mind freakers...check this shit out! The Astro Zombie from Italy. Ka-ra-tay.
Pic: Daylightstudio.

Chris Angel Mind Freak wears nail varnish at all times too. The only thing that weirds me out about a man wearing nail polish is if he also has a lisp. Think about it. You just got it? Boom your mind is freaked again my friend!!
Pic: Becky Myers.

It's Saint Patricks day today. it's 8.46am and I have to be honest...I am pissed. Not mad you wacky Americans...I mean wasted. Slammed. Rat Arsed.
Pic: Jeff Cochran.

The Style Bible is here and if you don't know what pipes to run on your bike...then look on eBay because this is stupe stupe night nights.

Get a cup of hot water. Add 1 PG tip tea bag. stir for 11 seconds. take tea bag out. add one sugar and a little milk. stir clockwise for 6 seconds. You have just been tea bagged. You thought I was going to say mind freaked didn't you? Ha. Well I didn't.
Pic: Adam Wright.

Toshi builds some of the best bikes in London. I already told him I loved him like 50 gazillion times last time I was over. Even though I was high on coke and super drunk...I actually really meant all that stuff Tosh, I really did. Even though I am drunk and high as I write this you have to believe me.

Jesse at The Gas Box built this BSA and it is wicked! Get this issue to check out more!
Pic: Scott Pease Photography.

Matte Hedenstrand is a Swedish legend so what better way to cover his story by getting another Swedish legend to get the scoop on him...Nicke Svensson!!
Pic: Nicke Svensson.

J Brunner did a hand stand for one of the photos in this issue. No shit. He is now my best friend for that very reason.
Pic: J Brunner, Mike Jones & Ron Hillson.

Dr. Dick Nose Glory.


  1. Three cheers for lil Mike and his chromium panTasm! Oh how I love those boys from Sacto...


  2. Am i tripping or was that one of the best piece,s of online journalism on the net,you guy,s just get better i,m a bit concerned about the last picture though.

  3. Is that Tony Hawk as a doc in the last picture?

  4. no its me and matt...every monday morning he gives me a check up to make sure Im good to go for the week.