Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Canyon City

We managed to get some great riding in this weekend. Honestly, the roads in Arizona are like they've been dipped in asphalt, so nice and smooth. They certainly put California's to shame. We got off the shitty 10 freeway at the 60 junction, fished the bikes out, fired them up and rode to Wickenburg, then onto the 89 over the mountain and through Prescott. Absolutely bloody brilliant it was. We wanted to carry on to Jerome and join the 17 freeway from up there but ran out of time so cut across on the 69 which was a bit of a let down after riding on the twisties. Anyways, we stopped for gas in Black Canyon City and right over the road from the petrol station was this great bar. It would of been rude not to go have a beer and check the place out. It was rad of course. A girl called Fred served us and the beer was cold. We then had a high speed blast for the last 50 miles or so on the 17 into Phoenix. We rode straight over to the Haifley Bros BBQ arriving just after dark. It was a wonderfully clear warm night with a really bright moon. Perfect in fact.


  1. Looks like you dudes had a blast!
    Know Exactly what you mean about them arizona roads, I constantly miss being surrounded by mountains on a long stretch of smooth road!

  2. was the last line in memoriam of Nate Dogg? lol

  3. If you get a chance to ride that again, take the trip to Jerome. The roads are twisting switchbacks to Jerome and then down to Clarksdale. You will not be disappointed.