Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Talking Pipes

Many moons ago 4 friends, myself, Dean, Conrad and Chris had a band, the one and only Magnum 500.(named after the wheel of course) We rehearsed once a week in the basement of the plumbing place were I worked in Notting Hill, London. We were very loud. Chris still has tinnitus. We played a lot gigs in the UK and all over Europe, some great, some not so great. After awhile we got quite a strong following. Very good crazy times. We were together for about 8 years and only stopped playing 'cos Dean went on tour with the Boss Hoss in Germany for a couple of years. In the early days we released this cd. The title track got picked up by Guinness for one of their TV commercials and also by ITV for their "On the ball" Saturday football show. We got quite a nice sum of cash for that. What did we do with all that wonga I hear you ask? Well, I bought a late 60's Gretsch Sparkle Jet drum kit. Conrad tracked down one of only 2 left handed Mosrites built by Semie Moseley himself. Chris found himself a beautiful 60's Burns Bison bass and Dean had his Model A coupe chopped. We sold out of the cd's yonks ago, but I just found a whole box of them stashed in the back of the garage, sweet, although it makes me wince listening to it. As the years went by we got a lot better that's for sure.

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  1. Could I be Magnum 500s version of Stuart Sutcliffe? I remember jamming with Conrad at Jakes place once. I'd borrowed Johnny the Mooks bass. I could barely play guitar at that point and knew nothing of the black art of bass. Con was conplementary about my ability and I was touched. Were you playing drums? Memory fades after all these years. I got better too.