Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm sitting up in bed at home doing this post and I'm feeling pretty good, another fantastic weekend, blimey! And long may they continue. Great friends, roads, weather and scenery. Although the 3 days were littered with breakdowns. Dean and I were rolling along very nicely for the first 60 miles on our way to meet everyone at the Deer Lodge in Ojai. 1 Mile away from the meeting place Dean's bike dies, after some messing with the tools we reckon the coil is shot. We make a quick call to our mate Daniel Ash who lives in town, he comes in his van, picks up the bike and takes Dean back to Ventura, what a gentleman. Here Kurt of Ventura Motor Works comes to our rescue once again, he has the right coil in stock. Cheers mate, you're a star. Meanwhile a lot of the boys are late anyways 'cos Wil's shovel is having a bad day. At the Deer Lodge we have a beer and a bit of grub and we wait for Dean. A couple of hours later back on the road. If you ever get the chance you have to ride highway 33 then the 166 from Ojai to Santa Maria. It has it all, mountain twisties, straight flatland sections followed by rolling hills with long sweeping bends, brilliant. We eventually get to the campsite after dark 'cos Wil is still having a few problems. The back brake on my pan locks up at the site and it's game over for me till the morning, man it was pitch black at this place. There was 10 of us, we got a fire going, ate some food, drank some drinks, told some stories and laughed a lot. In the morning, with Caleb "mountain man" Owens help, we rebent the tab on my rear brake plate back to where it should be, then adjusted Deans primary, and then we got back to riding. Another splendid day, rode to Morro Bay, Pismo beach and Los Osos with no mishaps, got back to the campsite at about 11 and repeated the previous nights activities. The following day finds us all homeward bound, back the way we came and it was even better than before. Only one bad thing happened, again in Ojai, man that place is cursed, JD King's clutch cable breaks. Not possible to fix it so he gets a tow back to LA. And of course it doesn't matter about all the mechanical problems, it's just part of the experience, these really are the best of times, the very best.


  1. I road a Dyna & stayed in a hotel.Love you guys

  2. I have ridden those two roads b4.. They are perfect for riding. They make you forget the bad.

  3. that one of you on the kerb.
    pure in the wind business