Monday, October 25, 2010

LB Swap

We had our usual booth at the Long Beach Swap yesterday. I always look forward to it, if only from a social point of view. It's great to once a month catch up with friends and of course, if you look hard enough, you never know what interesting parts you might find.

I got this sweet original speedo for the pan from 'can't stay' Jose, cheers mate, you're a star. We were told it's blue because it was for one of the Shriners parade bikes. Don't know if that's true or not. I do know one thing however, it looks bloody fantastic on the bike.

This little girl said to me, after spying one of our Dice skatedecks "Why would anyone want DicE on the bottom of their skateboard? that's retarded!". Naturally I replied "Oh yeah, so what's on your board that's so much cooler then?". "Cupcakes" was her answer. Damn, she got me there.

Jeff Leightons new, in progress, piece.

Sara Ray painted Sporty tank



  1. Im putting a price tag on kimmies ass next time she falls asleep in my booth.

  2. if shes selling those puppies?
    ill have the one with the red nose,