Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-Bone Jones.

When I first got my '57 Panhead it was all complete but kind of a bad '90s restoration. Me and Matt stripped the whole thing down in a bout 45 minutes and after we finished I remember thinking 2 things...
1. Jesus, why didn't I just buy a frame, motor and trans because thats all I had left from the complete bike.
2. I know the person who will make this thing look exactly what I had in mind for it.
T-Bone from NOISE. Luckily for me I called him that night and he agreed to make me some handlebars and mount the tank and fender. Well...it actually took more than that and the job turned into him doing all the fabrication...including; handlebars, gas tank mounts, fender mounts, sissy bar, exhaust, headlight mount, tail light mount etc etc. Every evening after he had finished working his full time job he would go into his small shop and do his thing until all hours. I was so pleased that he was working on my bike because he is a good friend, a master craftsman and he has excellent style. Every now and then he would send me a tiny photo on his phone and say stuff like.."I hate you...it was only supposed to be a pair of handlebars"...etc.
Here is a picture he sent me of the rear exhaust mount he made...how beautiful is it??!!! It's funny because most people who have seen my bike don't even see this small stuff that took hours because most of it is made to look like it had come from the factory like that.
I'm honored to say that 'Thunder Road Pickle Dog Cat' will be at the Yokohama Mooneyes show this year...thanks T-Bone I owe you a BBQ sandwich and a hug.

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  1. and thats what its all about...just looking like it was always supposed to be there...