Friday, July 23, 2010


I have always used Nikons, ever since I started taking photo's many years back, a FM2 was my first, simple, robust and the best lens in the business. Forward wind to the digital age and 6 years ago I got an SLR Nikon, still with a great lens. You can have a really expensive camera with all the do dads but if the lens is not up to it you may as well throw the whole thing in the bin. Anyways, the Nikon broke, we had to get another, that broke too, so did the third. This was getting ridiculous, Nikon quality has taken a nose dive that's for sure. So Gatwick airport in the duty free ('cos we are all about cheap here at Dice) I'm looking at Canons, bloody nice and bloody expensive, when I spy this Olympus Pen, now a good friend of ours in Japan has one, I gave it the once over when we were out there and was impressed. To cut a long story short we bought one, we got one with a black body, it comes in stainless steel too but that was out of our price range. We have shot a ton of stuff with it and man, this thing is amazing, really amazing, I'm just saying.


  1. Going to look into this. I'm not feeling nikon these days. Customer support lacks and the overall product quality is questionable. Thanks for the tip.

  2. checked one out today. very cool. got no problem with my D90, but im still wanting one of these.