Monday, July 12, 2010

Moto-Galore/Rocket Werks

This is Kenneth's place in Portland, OR. Now Portland is one of our favourite cities in the world, such an inspiring town. I don't really know where to begin in describing the city, brilliant and unique would be a good start, anyway, more on Portland later. We had a great time, and it was all made possible by the fantastic people who hang out and work at Moto-Galore . A collective of talented like minded souls who build bikes together, all in Kens wharehouse space, simple really. Love it.


  1. Crap, I haven't seen that painting in years.
    I check in here...
    An there it is.

  2. Ah- That must be Scott Bartley. How does that elephant hold his penis?? I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the old studio! It's amazing. I remember the day I found that space... I almost crapped my pants. Kennes Rulz.

    xo astro

  3. Oh and BTW- I luvz you DICEY-DICE- but it's "Rocketworks" --



  4. kenneth!!! look at what you're up to BEEFY! a lot of time has passed since the metal smithing days at OS of Arts and Crafts! are my cat's kika and rajo still around/alive? hey, i'll be up through new years. visiting portland from los angeles.
    lulu a.k.a beth stewart