Friday, July 16, 2010

"Picture a man going on a journey"

Our friend Chris Hosegood buys a 45 as a box of parts. Chris spends many months building the 45. Chris tries to get the 45 finished for the Linkert Attack.

"it's about 3.30 on a Friday afternoon, you've spent the last two months pulling 12 hour days trying to finish your ride in time, you're due to leave the following Wednesday, no problem, got the whole week-end to learn to ride your contraption and put some miles on it before invading the mainland.
Freshly constructed luggage rack for tent and spare pair of underpants, check.
Flooding Linkert but seems to be running ok, check
Kerching...........sound of engine sprocket coming off and trashing cheap sprocket shaft, check!!!!
Ten minutes later sound of man blubbing down the blower after two pints of Broadside, not pretty.
"Dont worry, we can fix" the soothing voice of well known Japanese master engine builder.
So ensued a week-end marathon at Toshi's Putney workshop and with the help of Gavin and Simon, we had it running by 6pm Sunday.
Rode into work Monday morning, think I stalled it, flooded it, something at every light and junction between Walthamstow and Highbury, arrived slightly flustered.
Front support rod nut had come lose and bike rolled off jiffy stand, found it on the floor in a pool of petrol.
Rode home in the evening, massive flat spot between idle and main circuits keeps dieing as you pull away,
confidence waining.
Strip carb down on tuesday ( this is degree show week too so no pressure)and re-fit wednesday morning, if anything its worse, give up, sulk for three days.
I am now the proud owner of something called a "rubber ducky", I love my rubber ducky! Still have a flat spot but once onto the main circuit it pulls very well.
Rode to Flying legends airshow at Duxford near Cambridge with Con and Gavin on Sunday,

Tally Ho


I'd love to come and run naked through the woods with you but I can't I have to go to Norfolk, perhaps I could run naked through Norfolk, its a thought.
Happy Birthday."

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