Saturday, July 24, 2010

Square Head GP.

The last time I was in Blighty I stopped by Mick Bartons place, his collection of motorcycles, parts and related bits and pieces blew me away. We will be posting photos of his amazing collection over the next few weeks as there are loads of pictures...but to start, here is one of the Triumphs he is finishing up. Not only does it look fantastic but it was also raced by Bob Foster at the TT's in 1952. This one is for you Dan Druff!


  1. Hay where in blighty is his place?? would love to c it?iam in dorset!!!!

  2. it couldn't be a more direct pointer really could it? I'm from Dorset too and there seems to be a pretty strong motorcycle history and current scene here. from the aforementioned Bob Foster to Sammy Miller to Battistinis.