Friday, July 1, 2011

Linkert Attack UK.

The weekend after Bottrop was the first ever Linkert Attack in the UK. It was hosted by The Black Widows and words can't describe just how fantastic it it was! It was a true family experience.
Great people, great bikes, great location, great bands, great cider, great awards...oh and there was 'The Dook'...a ride in bar!!
Thanks to everyone there and thanks to the Widows for putting on the best bike show in England.
More pics coming soon...


  1. Kinda remember you & guy hitting that cider hard dean !!

  2. I can't remember anything...oh wait...I remember someone pissing on the bar...dirty bastard.

  3. Good meeting you Dean was an awesome weekend, well until you gave me some widow juice!! Got some good pics which you can sample on my blog, or catch the rest on my FB page!!/media/set/?set=a.10150212035831050.313157.241731191049

  4. The Widow juice was rough at first...but seemed to get better after about the 7th swig. I have to be honest...I kinda miss it.

  5. My pedal got mysteriously sold to someone else.