Sunday, July 24, 2011

DicE 'N" DixiE BBQ

We had a bit of a do with John at his shop, Dixie in Long Beach CA last night.

And what a good time it was too. I was supposed to be in The Twin Cities for the Bearded Lady event and the very cuddly Zac's Full Tilt show but I just couldn't get enough mollah together for the flight which sucked. A tad over committed at the moment and the Dice account is a little on the empty side. Dean was going to stay here and take care of this shindig. So I ended up going as well. Perfect weather, a shit ton of bikes and lots of great people. The cops even turned a blind eye to the sidewalk beer drinking. Then we all went over to Alex's bar for an after party then I didn't take any pictures because it was too dark then I drank too much then I slept then I got up too early and went to the swap meet. So after my intial dissapointment about the non travelling it all worked out rather well in the end. Love life.


  1. I wish I could have made it.

  2. i am with Nick looks like a rad time wish a few of us bama boys could have been there to play with yall