Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Memories, From The Corners Of My Mind etc etc

In late '77, early '78 when we both felt that punk had sold it's soul to the highest bidder, me and my brother started skating a lot more. You know how it is? It was what we did or thought of every waking minute of everyday. And then dreamt about skating when we slept. I only gave it up in the early 80's when I discovered motorcycles. (There is some irony in there somewhere I'm sure). We both rode mostly with our friends at Meanwhile Gardens in West London, in fact we pretty much lived there. Meanwhile Madness Dominates was our slogan. Some of our mates were great skaters, Marc Sinclair, Hugo Carey etc etc. The UK had it's very own Skateboard magazine and not bad it was too. We popped up in it a few times. Our good friend Trawler sent me a DVD that has every page of every issue they produced. A trip down memory lane for me then. Damn I'm old.

Me woodslide top left. Someone in the art dept, after a long lunch in the pub no doubt, must of thought "Hey look at all these blokes wearing red shirts, I've got a great idea"

At the Locomotion skate park, Hemel Hempstead. I got no photo credit. The boys at the magazine were all stoner party guys. Especially Rocky, I remember he always seemed to have more girlfriends than I'm sure his tongue could handle. I was well jealous of course.

Me on the right with the long hair and my brother in the photo sequence.

They spelt the surname wrong.......again.

My bother Ben on the cover. That's a Mad magazine Dave Berg drawing that Ben copied. He then added the spliff.

Hugo Carey cover. Meanwhile Madness.

I started skating again about 4 years ago and I'm loving it. It bloody hurts 10 times more when I fall these days and what is it with all this ollie business?!
Many thanks for the disc bruv xxx.


  1. Matt, you are the coolest man I know.

  2. They always spelt my name wrong in British mags. Stoked your stoked, it's a little bridge to your past, nostalgia aint what it used to be!

  3. hey matt those pictures rule!! i dind't know you where ripping so hard back in the days.... respect bruv