Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To:

Ok, you have some fork stops that need turning down because they are too big, but you don't own a lathe.
No is a step by step guide to overcoming all odds.

You will need a crappy battery powered hand drill to spin the fork stops. The one we used was very slow and the freshly charged battery lasted about 4 minutes. Use an electric grinder to take the material off.

If you cant clamp the drill down, hold it. Make sure you hold it down near anything important, where the drill could catch, spin around and rip something off.
IE; Your gonads region.

Don't start getting worried now you are half way through the job. Piece of piss.

Make sure to wear the proper eye, hand and footwear. Keep focused at all times.

If you are working with stainless steel fork stops don't even bother doing any of this. If you are, add 10 years onto the job. We went through 2 grinding disks and barely made a scratch on the stupid things.


  1. The DicE Mag version of 2 Girls 1 Cup... 2 Men 1 Grinder :"P

  2. stop spending so much on multicoloured sneakers....

  3. Don't forget to put the drill in reverse to really maximise your fabrication time