Friday, April 15, 2011

Actor Looking For Work.

You may have seen him in 'Vampire High'. You may have seen him in 'Saw 5'. You may have even seen him at 'The Long Beach Swap Meet'. Our friend JJ aka Joris aka Dollbabyeyes is desperately looking for acting work and will consider just about anything. He will work for below minimum wage and in his own words... "I love doing bar mitzvah gigs, they are my favourite".
He also sang that terrible song 'I'm Going Hungry' by Pearl Jam, on his own at a talent show when he was 14. He wore a white shirt and had his hair down and flowing. His dad videoed only half of the performance and told him afterwards that he didn't want to waste the tape. Email us here at DicE and we will forward on all the info.


  1. Hungry-Temple of the Dog....hahaha! (insert thumbs up & a wink)

  2. thanks for that ... thats very charming.

    I should clarify that my father did not video tape any of it as we could never afford such luxuries as vhs cassette recorder film machine.

    also.. Dean might be gay.

  3. JJ don't be so mean all the time.

  4. I know . Im sorry . I lashed out and it was wrong .