Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Cortinas

I managed to catch these boys playing at the Roxy, London, back in 77, one of my favourite bands. I also remember the support band being good too but for the life of me I can't recall who it was, It was a long time ago. It was probably Eater, someone like that, most likely Eater, Dee Generate was always at the Roxy, every time I went he was there. In fact I think he was the pot boy for awhile, collecting empty glasses for a few quid. He was 14 or 15 years old but looked more like he was only about 11.
I had a Dansette record player with a worn out needle at the time. Remember those things? you could stack a whole load of 45's on the post thingy in the middle and they would play one after the other automatically. If you put on too many they would start sliding around and the records would slow down and speed up. I think I must of worn the grooves off my Fascist Dictator/Television Families 7", I played that fantastic piece of vinyl to death.
Matt x


  1. Never saw them live. Fascist Dictator is a classic. Did we get to play that at the Punk Rock Bar? Can't remember. In fact was I even there?

    You can hear that pub rock sound in their songs... a bit Feelgood-ish sometimes.

  2. Yes, I DO remember. Did the same here in Italy with my Phonola playing the punk bands 7"s, and all the northern soul stuff as well.
    Nice one, Matt!