Monday, March 1, 2010


I managed to take a few days off last week, so jumped on a plane and went to Salt Lake City to visit friends and get in some snowboarding naturally, the best snow on earth, seriously. But thats another story. Anyways, me and Conrad went out one night to get some grub and hang out with the nicest people one could ever wish to meet. Jake, Andy, Brook, Brandon, Jeremy, Steve Stone etc all part of the Bolts Action crew, these guys ride their motorbikes in all weathers, and I mean all weathers, blizzards, freezing cold, ice, no problem, bloody hell. Once a month they have Moto Mondays, people ride out for some food and a chit chat then go for a burn up. It is growing fast to now well over 20 bikes and shows no sign of slowing down, love it.


  1. Yeah! Rippin' Glad to have hung a quick shred minute with you dudes, that was fun! Rad post! Stoked

  2. yeah it was awsome to get to hang out with you guys! you should come back sooon!(but with bikes next time !!!!)

  3. Well if that ain't the nicest damned thing I've read in a long time....... Thanks for rollin' out and putting some pics up. Come back soon, come back often and come back with a lady of the night or two if possible.