Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guinness Is Good For You

Yeah, nice one. Wil, NYC, Lower East Side lesbian bar, E 2nd st, happy hour, buy one get one free. Who the bloody hell ordered the Pabst? Loser!! Needless to say we all got mashed up.


  1. I'm sooo drunk... Hey mate member that time you bashed that Yank Jeter on the way to the lou or was it the karzi then told him to piss off!!! Instant Classic!!

  2. Still owe you $20 bucks for the southern comfort, ferris wheel ride with the over 150lb,er!

  3. is that how will keeps
    that's beautiful complexion?

  4. I keeps it real son!!
    Proper is how i do...

    Proper fuct?