Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Albert, TX

So there we were, riding along in the Texas heat on some two lane blacktop on the Pancho run. Somewhere near Fredericksburg in the hill country. Pretty much loving life I have to say, when we spot this beer sign attached to an old building, brakes on and a U turn later we were downing a Lone Star at the bar in Albert, Texas, population of 4. This place was amazing, the whole town consisted of a bar, an 85 year old dance hall, an ice house, 12 acres of land, a river, a 3 bedroom house and fantastic views. I loved it. It was only after talking to the bartender I became aware that the whole town was for sale. 8 years earlier the price had started at 1.5 million bucks, now however it was down to $550,000. Holy shit, how can I raise some money. Seeing as even $500 was going be a challange I really wasn't hopeful but y'know, surely some bank manager somewhere could see the big picture. I did try, but alas, to no avail. A few days ago I heard it got sold, damn, I'm so gutted. I think it's important to try and not let your dreams pass you by, this one did though, bollocks. Can you imagine the Dice parties we could of had here?


  1. Looks like you'll just have to find another Texas Town to buy. Keep that dream alive.


  2. Man what a perfect setup, that roadhouse must have some stories to tell. I'm sure Bob Wills must have played there (not to mention, all of the other traveling Texas players of the day). Unfortunatly, all of us artistic types (that would be stoked on a place like that) are broke. I hope that the new owner keeps the place intact, and saves it for history's sake.