Monday, September 7, 2009


Sometime in the mid 80's they had this anti helmet law rally in Hyde Park right in the middle of London. I went and there was a ton of bikes. One that stood out from all the others was this Panther chop and I still remember it to this day. I think it was called Fat Freddys Cat or something like that. So I was talking to Sumo about it on the Gypsy Run and he remembered the bike too and very kindly emailed me over a couple of pics. Thats his blog on the right there, Vintage Chop.


  1. I dunno, never really understood why people like 'em! All jutting angles and weird shapes...

  2. this skoot was also on a very old Freeway magazine (italian issue) on the early 90's.....It's a fine bike.

  3. damn fine mo-cheens are panthers. and this one is bloomin lovely. Everyones got harleys.... it takes a certain type of idiot to live with a panther.