Sunday, September 13, 2009

Attire: part a

Well, the scenester/poser debate rages on, blahdy blahdy blah and seeing as me and Dean have been called scenesters a few times, even by our closest friends, I'm thinking it must be some kind of compliment. I'd never heard that word till I spent more time in the US. So without further ado, here is some clothing that's good to wear on a motorbike. Now some motorbike riders wore this stuff back in the day, so if the shit fits, wear it....literally. And are clothes more important than riding? of course not. And do certain clothes make me a poser? well I guess they do. Remember, above all else, have fun.

Harley white vinyl jacket from the '60's. I got this from Joel and Mary of Vintage Klass as a trade for some Dice bits and bobs and a little bit of cash. Its killer. Waterproof. And you can wipe it clean, sort of.

Blanket vest, early '70s. Fantastic, $10.00, Rose bowl. I saw a brilliant one which had a 3 piece, top and bottom rocker patch from the '60s on a booth. It was close to $800, Blimey! thats ridiculous.

US navy deck jacket, worn on aircraft carriers. This one is from, I think, about 1945. Bought this quite a few years ago now and its served me well. Great for London winter riding. They are very good at keeping out the cold and wind, in fact near perfect I would say. Not bad in the rain either, can cope with all but the heavist downpour. You can find them pretty easy at the Rose Bowl flea market and places like that. Price depends on condition. Most are quite knackered 'cos of their rough life but I saw a perfect one today for $125.


  1. Scenesters?

    Not as good as being called a 'DicE wannabe', which I was last week.

  2. I got one of those Deck Jackets (Vietnam era)...Used to wear it in the mid 70's. Does that make me a scenester or a trend setter? Mmmmmm?