Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ciao, Moto Guzzi Mannie pt:1

When I was in Italy my Italian fratello Davide took me over to Mannies place in Mandello del Lario on lake Como, just up the road from the Moto Guzzi factory and museum. Mannie is the best Guzzi restorer there is, he restores loads of bikes for the museum as well as private clients. What a legend, his place is a complete brilliant mess, how he does it I really don't know but he does. The bikes that roll out of there are perfect, there is Guzzi stuff everywhere, inside and outside the building. He spends all day chain smoking and working on bikes, stopping only briefly to look at Italian porn on his ancient computer. If you ever get the chance try and get over to his house, he is a very friendly amazing man. And of course lake Como is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, except for Mannies back yard that is.

Davide standing and Mannie on the computer


  1. I`ve been there a couple of years ago , like You said outstanding Quality of bikes that roll out of there.
    The guy could be a millionair , just by selling those rare to find undercommin` bits and pieces that are laying all over the place.
    Otherwise , he helps out to people who are in need of some of those parts for sure.
    Mandello del Lario is full of those small shops, You just have to know where they are.

    Cheers Guzzmen

  2. Hey Guzzmen, you're right, Mannie is that guy, always helping other people out with his knowledge and parts. Did you also go to that blokes place in Mandello who sells the gasoline? man that guy has some very rare Guzzi stuff.
    Cheers bruv

  3. My ex girlfriend has a Guzzi and introduced me to Memmi. So now and then we went to his place and we always had a great time. He's a great mechanic and a cool person. It's a shame he doesn't want to repair Harleys.