Monday, March 9, 2015

DicE Issue 60.

Can you Adam and Eve it...we made it to Issue 60!!
This issue is dedicated to our brother Ray Abeyta who sadly passed away last year. It was always a dream for us to have one his incredible pieces of art to grace the cover of DicE and we are so proud to have this one right here. Hope you dig it Ray! Xoxo.

If this issue wasn't brilliant enough, every single copy comes with this super sweet poster with artwork by EZ, for the 2015 Giddy Up show in Texas!

Buddy's incredible Panhead.
Photo: Matthew J Aims.

Sebastien and his wicked 'Dustbeemer.'
Photo: Daniel Beres.

The Boys from 6th Street Specials do it in the dirt!
Photo: Simon Davidson.

Ray Abeyta's studio.
Photos: Jeffrey Schad & Chris Gentile.

Isaac 'Anklebiters' Starr and his righteous XS650.
Photo: Rob Williamson.

New Jerseys finest, Benji Wiesenfeld and his Shovelhead chopper.

Nobody is cooler than Annie and her amazing '57 Panhead.
Photo: Michael Schmidt.

Death Valley Run 2014.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

The one...The only...The Velvets MC.
Photo: Ryan Strongin.

Cicero and his tough as nails HD Shovlehead.
Photo: Billy Childress.

Dan Auerbach and his barn find 1940 EL OHV.
Photo: Larry Niehues.

Epic photographs of Jason and his 1982 FXB Sturgis.
Photo: Ryan Loughridge.

ID'd with Warren Jr.

San Francisco Steve and his Norton Cafe Racer.
Photo: Heidi Zumbrum.

Words of wisdom from Chris Graves.
Photo: Justin Milwaukee.

One of our favourite people of all time...The Huggy Hugg!
Photo: Larry Niehues.

Pic: Remi Desclaux.

Papa Duggan, his ol lady and his Cannonball strong 1936 Knucklead in VL frame.
Photo: Troy Critchlow.

Available right now! right H E R E!

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