Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brennen's Killer Chevy Belair.

Hi Matt  , my name is Brennen .... I just want to start off by saying 'GREAT FRICKIN MAG MAN!!  even before I picked up a dice mag I was living the life style seen in the pages u publish... Anyhow, I have a car that in my opinion personifies the very structure of your mag.... Pure nostalgia, trick vintage speed parts unmolested Americana...... I own a 1957 Chevy Belair hardtop AA/GAS altered drag car that has survived from 1960 to current day with nearly 100% of its original parts, paint, driveline decals etc.......the car was bought new, driven 3000 miles transformed into a track bruiser in 1960 and never touched a public road again. It was raced by a famous Midwest drag racer named Charlie Proite who stuffed in a 389 Pontiac with a GMC supercharger and hilborn injection, later he went to a 421 Pontiac with the same set up.. in 1972 the car was fitted with a 1967 GTO 400 and raced till 1978, The car is a Complete time capsule Matt ,if u run this by anyone who understands vintage speed parts they are gonna say the same thing I said when I looked this car over NO FU**KING WAY...... 48 ford heavily drilled and chromed straight axle with hair pins, superchargerd Pontiac 400 with homemade zoomies, moon tank, Halibarnd kidney bean magnesium wheels , B&M hydrostick........the list goes on and on. the patina on this car is so incredible is like rolling art.....

I want the world , and like minded people such as you and myself to see a perfect representation of the hay day of drag racing ,the crude technology, and the huge balls these guys had drivin this BATTLE AXE!!!

enclosed are a few photos ,the car will be at the viva lasvegas show on april  3

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