Monday, May 19, 2014

So Cal To Nor Cal On An Orange.........

....Street Glide, a really orange Street Glide. Had a trip planned and the shovelhead was being a twat and the CB750 sold, it was looking like a car ride was the only option. Thank you HD for being very nice and loaning me a ride at the last minute. It was a 6 speed 103 cu comfy fast cruise mobil. Left LA and blasted up the 5 to the 99 to Fresno, both freeways suck. Then it got interesting. Took the 41 from Fresno and joined the 49 at Mariposa which is a great little town. We ended up in Sonora for the night and stayed at the excellent Knowles Hill B&B. A restored 1920's house where the owner also restores vintage Rolls Royce's. Had a few beers that night at the Sportsman where you can also buy guns and Doritos. Next day saw more miles on the 49, some of the best riding in the world. Just after Jackson we headed off toward Davis and onto yet another fantastic road, highway 128 to Napa. One of those days that will live with me forever. The next two days were spent at a great place called An Inn To Remember in the town of Sonoma which is also a very pleasant place to be. Rode the bike up to the out of the way, not at all touristy, Matanzas Creek winery/vineyard and had a tasting, a bottle of wine and a picnic under a giant oak tree looking out over rolling hills, perfect. Next it was time to pack up the Street Glide and head over to San Francisco through Marin County and over the Golden Gate Bridge, that is always a real treat. We stayed at Paul and Susan's house in the heart of the city and did some tourist things and some definitely not tourist things. Those guys really made the stay a great one. Two days later it was time to pack up again and get back on the road. The 1, the PCH, down through Big Sur and on into Paso Robles, again, one of those roads that everyone, given the chance, should experience once and if possible on a motorcycle. Just breathtaking. A good nights kip then a fast cruise back down the shitty 101 freeway to home. I returned the bike the next day and yes, I think we really bonded. Covered about 1200 miles in all and loved every minute of it. And to think it nearly didn't happen. Anyway, now I'm looking forward to getting the shovel back on the road and some more chopper adventures this summer. Yowza!
p.s. anyone got a pair 4 or 6 over 39 mm extended fork tubes for a mid to late 90's narrow glide you want to sell? please email if you do.

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