Sunday, May 11, 2014

BSA World Rally

Just hanging out in Sonoma, CA minding our own business on a recent sunny afternoon when I hear an unmistakable sound. On one side of the plaza I spy a few old bikes. So of course I did the only decent thing and ran over there as fast as I could. The next moment another 300 BSA's come around the corner! bloody hell! I had not seen this many of the marque in one place at one time and it just so happened to be in California of all places. The BSA World Rally was being held right here. I dashed round the corner and had a very good look round the car park they were headed for, every model you could think of was well presented. Then I bumped, literally, into Dick Mann himself! one of my all time heroes, what a nice guy he is too. Amazing. Unfortunately we then met some bloke from England who had shipped his A10 over, he managed to complain about everything for a half hour non stop. Ah yes, the good old moaning British bike bore is still very much alive and well and occasionally escapes from Kempton Park. You have been warned.

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